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2006 LaMancha Does (under construction . . .)

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Lost Nation WRCS Tortoni & Zuccotto

Tortoni - July, 2008 (milked out)

Tortoni as a kid

Just fresh & fuzzy winter-clipped

fuzzy fore . . .

Zucotto - August, 2008

Zuccotto as a kid

Zuc rear udder

Lost Nation Surge Tortoni & Zuccotto
black; taupe

Sire: *B Willow Run Chalupa Surge 


Dam: Tricks’N’Treats Too Sundae


These girls were beautiful & elegant kids, who've been developing into beautiful & elegant young ladies, that we've been anxious to see fresh!


Tortini's been the slower maturer of the two but she freshened with the type of mammary we were hoping Surge would produce – practically perfect!  She’s milking very, very well, too.  We think she'll be something to watch for as she develops!


Zuccotto's coming in with what also looks to be a very correct, little udder & . . . you know that we've got our fingers crossed she'll freshen as wonderfully as her twin sister!



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