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2006 LaMancha Does (under construction . . .)

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Lost Nation BTM Bloom

Bloom - July, 2008
milked out & uncooperative . . . >:/

Bloom 4-28-08

Bloom - July, 2008

Lost Nation Matrix Bloom

Broken chamoisee w/ wattles


Sire: Becca’s Tweed Matrix


Considering how highly we regard this girl's siblings, paternal & maternal, we felt extremely lucky to get 2D/1B triplets from this breeding!
As we'd hoped, they greatly resemble their more-than-maternal siblings Blush, Blessing & Bolero in type, with their indisputable elegance & overall correctness & stylishness. . . & their extremely inspiring escutcheons!  &, like their "more-than-maternal" siblings, they're maturing at their own, liesurely pace, too, LOL.
2008 Update: Bloom freshened with the typically-terRIFfic mammary that runs so consistently in this maternal line - socked on all the way around with a high, wide rear udder, a lonnnnng, smooth fore, a very nice medial & terrific teats!  You'd never know she just kidded with a single, either, as she's milking very well, too.  Very!  Putting some of the mature does to shame, even, LOL!
She has matured imMENSEly over just the past few months & is not only one of the largest of the 2006 clan, but is the current "Official Hottie/Favorite", too.  (This picture really doesn't do her much justice as she obviously wasn't real hip to the whole posing/photography session concept, LOL.  Best one I've gotten so far, though, so hopefully, you can squint through the misbehavior.)  We are really, really impressed with this girl & anticipate good things for her future.
The litter brother was loaned to a friend to see what he could do in her herd, until he could be used here.  Unfortunately, she lost him.  L

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