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2006 LaMancha Does (under construction . . .)

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Lost Nation IVCP Nefertiti

Baby Nefertiti - Fall, 2006


Lost Nation IVCP Nefertiti - 2006 Experimental (50%LM 50%GA) – black w/ small white belly splash; elf ears


Sire: Irish Valley Citra's Papaya

            SS: One*Oak*Hill Jansen Javelin LA 1yr: 90 VEE - paternal siblings: One*Oak*Hill Jansen Tirade ; One*Oak*Hill Jansen Junebug: ; One*Oak*Hill Zapped By Light’G  1*M 3-06 90 EVEE

                        SSS: *B One*Oak*Hill Luxor Jansen

                                    SSSS: *B Katerina’s B/T Luxor

                                    SSSD: GCH FDF Pleasant Fields T. Jarva 1*M

                        SSD: One*Oak*Hill Medicine Jabber

                                    SSDS: ++*B Winterwood’s the Medicine Man

                                    SSDD: Elm*Glen Harlequin Juno

            SD: CH Autumn-Acres Honey's Citra

                        SDS: One*Oak*Hill Tweed Mako (littermate to Mykasa; full brother to GCH +*B Conagher EX90)

                                    SSDS: GCH +B One*Oak*Hill MAC Tumble Weed LA:  7-03  EX91 EEE 2003 & 2004 ADGA NATIONAL PREMIER SIRE; sire of 2 National Best LaMancha Udders; & full brother to Tumult (4x ADGA National Premier Sire) & to Tuzla (2000 ADGA National Champion & Reserve Best Udder)

                                    SSDD: One*Oak*Hill Harlequin Marin

                        SDD: CH Dreamhaven Georgia L Honey

                                    SDDS: Clovertop’s Lionel

                                    SDDD: On-A-Clear Day Sweet Georgia


Dam: Lost Nation Naomi 


Considering how impressed we’ve been with what a fine doe Naomi’s turned out to be, it hasn’t been any surprise to watch this stunning daughter of hers blossom over the past year, either.


Nefertiti is a positively dazzling young lady who is the picture of General Appearance w/ her striking, shiney jet black coloring, extremely correct conformation, sharpness & dairyness, lonnnnng & elegant neck ending in a very attractive head.  She’s showing very good depth for her age, exhibits a very promising escutcheon & walks with lots of natural width between the hocks. 


Nefertiti reminds me quite a bit of an elf-eared version of April’s Zap *M EX90 as a young doe (see link for her webpage listed among the Jansen offspring above) who, although I already had plenty of Experimentals, was the inspiration behind me deciding Nefertiti had to stay!
2008 update: Nefertiti freshened w/ the fabulous mammary we were hoping for!  Pics to come! 

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