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2006 LaMancha Does (under construction . . .)

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Lost Nation BTM Periwinkle

Periwinkle - July, 2008 (milked out)

Periwinkle, misbehaving

Kid pics . . .


Periwinkle, just fresh


Lost Nation BTM Periwinkle



Sire: Becca’s Tweed Matrix



Periwinkle is turning into just what we’d hoped would result from this breeding!  She’s a wonderful blending of what we’ve appreciated so much in the Matrix daughters with what we’ve appreciated so much in the Jrufio daughters.  Periwinkle is quite similar to her dam in type & is currently one of the snazziest of the 2006 group . . . we have a sneaking suspicion that she just miiiight turn out to be even nicer than her dam.  J


Despite the brattiness when it comes to leading/posing, she has a lovely demeanor with an outgoing, intelligent personality & is a very pleasant, cooperative gal - just not when it comes to leading/posing.  See that "head thing" she's doing?  The entire family does it, LOL!  (We can thank maternal grandma, Lazuli for that "endearing" trait.)


Periwinkle completes the package with an exceptional mammary.  She has an amazing area of attachment, a high & wide rear, a flawless fore &, now that she's been fresh awhile & her medial has come in - practically perfect teats! 

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