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2006 LaMancha Does (under construction . . .)

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Lost Nation OOHCD Creidne

Criedne - 7/11 - just a few hours of milk



Baby Criedne


Lost Nation Draw “Creidne” 

Sundgau; gopher ears


Sire: One*Oak*Hill Cycas Draw LA 2-03 88 VEE

Dam: Lost Nation Matrix Creirwy 


Creidne (pronounced “KREED nee”) is a real eye-catcher with her long, graceful neck & high-headed carriage, attractive “typey” head, long & level topline, powerful yet dairy & elegant build . . . w/ an escutcheon clear up to “there”!  She’s a member of our consistently fancy-mammaried "Cerridwen Family" & is another good example of the Draw/Matrix cross we’ve been so pleased with!  She’s a nice little package of mammary, milk & show genetics & reminds us quite a bit of her beautiful paternal granddam, SGCH Dioon EX91.


2008 Update: Criedne’s developing nicely & freshened w/ the mammary we were hoping she would!  We haven’t been able to get pictures b/c she’s quite the maternal thing, raising her - &, I suspect, everyone else’s - bucklings, too, LOL.  Her udder is improved over her dam’s pretty mammary in the areas of teat placement, medial suspensory ligament & she has the buttery-soft texture all of the Draw girls have had so far, too.  This breeding also improved Breed Character, pastern length & tighter toes &, even though the Matrix daughters have turned out to be wonderful milkers, we have a sneaking suspicion that production’ll be something Draw will improve, too.


2009 Update: Criedne’s looking even more like grandma, Dioon - & is looking like she’s going to milk like her, too! 



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