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2006 LaMancha Does (under construction . . .)

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Lost Nation OHHCD Breindel

Breindel - July, 2008

baby Breindel

JUST fresh, fuzzy & not quite full . . .


Lost Nation OOHCD Breindel

Black/tan Sundgau; small white spot on right side


Sire: One*Oak*Hill Cycas Draw LA 2-03 88 VEE


Dam: Lost Nation Jrufio Blessing


Breindel (Hebrew for “Blessing”) was an immediate favorite from birth &, considering how spectacularly her dam, Blessing is developing, keeping her daughter was a no-brainer!


She looks like a typical Draw kid with her gorgeous, typey head; her extremely correct, powerful yet dairy & feminine build - &, typical of this consistently fancy-mammaried maternal line, she also freshened wonderfully!

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