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2007 LaMancha Does

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Lost Nation OOHCD “Jeuno”

Black & tan sundgau w/ white splashes LaMancha doe $300


Sire: One*Oak*Hill Cycas Draw

Dam: One*Oak*Hill Cycas Jeul

A direct linebreeding on her famous grandpa, Cycas, this doe reminds us of her paternal granddam SGCH, Dioon (pictured on Draw’s page).  She’s a growthy, very nicely put-together doe, improved over her dam in overall length, levelness, width & strength; rump, Breed Character & smoothness of blending.  She’s also exhibiting an extremely promising escutcheon that’s high, wide & rounded,  showing very nice teat size/placement/angle.  Another double Cycas granddaughter freshened with an extremely correct & productive mammary that Jeuno should, too.  This lovely young lady shows lots of promise &, if we didn’t already have so many Draw daughters retained (including 3, 2007 daughters), she’d be staying right here!  That being said, we’re planning to repeat the breeding for 2009!  Jeuno is hopefully bred to Bum for Spring, 2009.


Lost Nation OOHCD “Jetta”

Loud black & white paint LaMancha doe $150


Sire: One*Oak*Hill Cycas Draw LA 2-03 88 VEE

Dam: Lost Nation Jrufio Jetty


Another very well-bred doe (3/4 One*Oak*Hill, & a member of “the Jacki Family”, one of my favorite/best dam-lines), with.loads of genetic potential!  She’s a very flashy doe (marked similarly to Draw’s paternal sisters, Carmella & past National GCH/Best Udder, Solaris), who’s correct from nose to tail, with a very nice “typey” head, a nice strong & level topline, very good body capacity &, not surprisingly, considering the National Best Udders on both sides of her pedigree, she’s sporting an extremely promising escutcheon.


Her dam, Jetty is also an overall terrific doe who showed very well as a yearling, almost always standing 2nd – behind a paternal sister, who was my “show ring hottie” that year, that was nearly undefeated as a kid & as a yearling, so . . .  Jetty standing right behind her wasn’t anything to be disappointed in, LOL.  We haven’t shown since 2005 however Jetty’s maturing into a superb doe who’s really blossoming as a 4 y.o. (usual age for this line to really come into themselves).


Although she is out of one of our slower-maturing & smaller-statured dam-lines, Jetta isn’t quite as big as she should be for her age as she was a member of a very unlucky group who’d gone on a “payment plan/lease arrangement” that, unfortunately, went terribly awry.  What was left of the group returned to the farm severely malnourished, vitamin/mineral deficient, parasite-ridden &, of course, undersized.  She has however turned around tremendously, making the most improvement out of that group &, with continued good care, should develop into a lovely gal who, if nothing else, will be a fine producer in the parlor &, in the form of top quality offspring.  Jetta is hopefully bred for Spring, 2009 to:


*B Lost Nation WRCS Ciapatta

Sire: *B Willow Run Chalupa Surge 

Dam: Willow Run Lovey Lucky Charm 2*M 7-02 88 VEVV; 2 GCH legs