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We just bred one litter of Mini Aussies because losing Ki was such a heartbreak.  We do have a gorgeous new stud who is a retired show dog, ASCA, AKC & AWFA, 18" red merle with one blue eye.
Should there be enough interest, we would breed a litter of Mini Aussie puppies.  They would be sired by Rascal & out of a Ki x Pippi daughter.  Please email if you would like to add a Lost Nation Mini Aussie to your family.

Pippi - 16.5" Red Bi

Pippi is an extremely sweet girl who likes to hang out in the background unless/until her services are required.  Then, she'll materialize out of nowhere, hop right in & help accomplish the task at hand . . . & maybe take time to accept a quick, grateful pat on the head before running back to her secret lair, in the blackberry patch.
She's a natural worker who is an excellent reader of the stock, being good at both heading & heeling.  She very rarely grips or barks, making her very pleasant to work with.

Ki - 16" Black Tri


It's hard for me to write about Ki b/c after being here for only 4 months, he was killed, doing his job of guarding the farm from the neighbors' chronically troublesome & tresspassing dog.
We were absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to add Ki to the family.  His dam was a fairly famous star in the agility & herding competition venues & Ki was a total natural.  The first time we let him  help us w/ chores off-leash, he proceeded to run around putting EVERYTHING "away", as he saw fit.  Our free-range chickens were all put either into a goat pen or into an outbuilding . . . & the couple of self-appointed free-range goat kids were rounded up &, we don't know how he know WHERE they belonged, but - he put them into the pens w/ their moms!  Uncanny.
He was also a very gentle & subtle worker - just focused on the animal he wanted to "put away" & . . . it just DID what he wanted it TO do, w/ him merely trotting & "directing" w/ his eyes & body language, w/ minimal barking.
Ki was also a beloved family member who was protective of his "pack" of humans & canines - & of "his" livestock.  Typically Aussie, he was extremely affectionate & loyal to "his" humans - but standoffish w/ strangers until he got to know them & decided they were "okay".  Once you were IN, though, watch out, because he also thought he should be a lapdog, LOL.
We do at least feel extremely blessed that Ki was able to sire one litter with Pippi (he was killed 2 days before Gypsy was in standing heat) & will keep at least one puppy from the litter, to carry on his line.