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2006 LaMancha Does (under construction . . .)

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Lost Nation Renoir Jolie

Jolie - June, 2008

Jolie - June, 2008

Baby Jolie

Jolie - 3 weeks fresh

Lost Nation Renoir Jolie

roany sundgau


Sire: Lost Nation Jrufio Renoir

Dam: Lost Nation Dashing Jigsaw LA 2-03 +V++ 82 (1st freshener E Feet & 46 Rear Height!) 

Jigsaw kidded with triplets again for 2007 & is maturing into the glorious doe we were hoping she would, becoming more & more like her dam, our beloved Jacki. 


Renoir’s kids have been wonderful & the cross with Jigsaw seems to have been an especially good one, with her 2006 triplets all being gorgeous. This dam line tends to be slower to mature however is one of our favorites for producing the “complete package” criteria we seek.  They have delightful personalities, they're correct, they have pretty & milky mammaries, & they're productive all the way around: show, milk, offspring (triplets & quads are fairly common), hardiness, etc. 


Jigsaw's maternal sisters, Juji, Jetty & Jacie have all freshened beautifully & are developing into the lovely does we were looking forward to. 


Jigsaw & her paternal sisters are conformationally-correct, dairy & attractive girls with good Breed Character; nice, strong feet & legs . . . are freshening with VERY nice mammaries - & lots of milk.  The 2003 Dash daughters have developed into fine examples of the “total package” we’re striving for in our breeding program.  Aside from being attractive & showy does, they’re also affable, hardy & efficient does, demonstrating the “will to milk” with long & level lactations, producing out of remarkable mammaries, too with the Dash daughters being able to boast the highest rear udder scores in the herd for 2005 (with the lowest scoring 45), all appraising overall “Good Plus” or “Very Good” as 2 y.o.s, all scoring “Excellent” or “Very Good” in Rear Legs, Feet, Back & Dairy Character, & all but one scoring “Very Good” in head (with the one being “Good Plus”)! 


The Renoir x Jigsaw breeding would seem to be a particularly successful blending of sire & dam's best attributes, resulting in some of the prettiest - & sweetest! - kids!  Their sire is passing on his wonderful General Appearance with his kids exhibiting the “powerful yet dairy” build, terrific feet & legs; the sharp-withered, uphill stance; the snazzy high headed carriage . . . & with the pretty & correct heads on both sire & dam, it's not surprising to see such nice Breed Character on their kids!  This breeding should be good for milk & also, an especially good one for Shoulder Assembly, Mammary, Feet & Legs . . .as these kids would also be exhibiting. 


Jolie is developing into such a pretty girl, looking extremely similar to Jigsaw, but exhibiting a little more overall stretch than mom, lending to the stylishness that makes her stand out from the crowd.  She’s always been at the top of the favorite list of the 2006 girls & we’re excited to see how she matures!


2008 Update: Jolie's enjoying being pampered by her new owner, Alisha Gray/Heavenly Homestead LaManchas, kidding with very snazzy Geode twins & freshening with a lovely mammary.  We look forward to hearing how she matures, produces and shows in Alisha's herd & in her area's very stiff competition!


2008 Geode x Jolie doeling

2008 Geode x Jolie buckling

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