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LaMancha Bucks

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Lost Nation OOHCD “Jarrett ” – 3/16/08

Black w/ tan trim LaMancha buckling $200


Sire: One*Oak*Hill Cycas Draw 2-03 88 VEE


Dam: Lost Nation L*SQKR Jacie


Jacie’s developing into a gorgeous doe, looking more & more like her dam as she matures.  She freshened with the fabulous & milky mammary we were hoping would result from her lineage, which also looks very similar to her dam’s “E” mammary, but is improved in rear height/arch & fore extension.


This very handsome & extremely correct kid just popped OUT looking like a future herdsire.  He has wonderful General Appearance, is smoothly blended throughout & is “naturally uphill”.  He’s a very nice balance of strength & dairyness with nice, pliable skin & overall openness & angulation.  He’s showing very nice width from chest to hocks & excellent body capacity.  He has very correct leg set front & rear, walking with lots of natural width between the hocks & stands on nice, strong feet.  He’s also exhibiting a super escutcheon that’s high & wide w/ a snugly attached & nicely shaped scrotum & proper teats.


We’d originally planned to retain him, but decided that keeping a paternal brother out of a doe who doesn’t have several other close relatives in the herd would be the more logical choice.  The Draw daughters are maturing into extremely promising does & the ones that we’ve freshened thus far have all presented us w/ very nice, very productive mammaries, too. 


Lost Nation OOHCD “Horatio” – 4/9/08

Broken light chamoise LaMancha buckling $200


Sire: One*Oak*Hill Cycas Draw 2-03 88 VEE


Dam: Lost Nation Matrix Halo


This One*Oak*Hill-bred (linebred on Dutch Belted, too) kid is the result of a repeat breeding, done in hopes of getting a “keeper” doe for us!  The Matrix/Draw cross has been a consistently good one, so we’ve done a lot of it!  Halo’s always been a favorite – such a pretty, overall very correct & unassuming gal who's also one of our best milkers, producing lots of milk out of a terrific mammary.  She’s been a little slower to mature but is blossoming into a really, really nice doe for whom we have high hopes!  This buckling reminds us of his dam with his attractive, dishy head, sweet, expressive face & loving temperament.


His sister, Creidne was a large part of the inspiration for repeating this breeding, as she was one of the “picks” of the 2006 crop.  She’s been an eye-catcher since birth with her wonderful General Appearance, smoothness throughout & overall correctness.  She certainly didn’t disappoint us when she freshened with the extremely correct & productive mammary we were hoping for – esp. since it’s even improved over her dam’s terrific mammary in overall globularity, MSL, teat placement/angle & production!