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Lost Nation Farm

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Wish List

Updated 7/2/09 Here is our "Wish List" of items we'll consider accepting in trade toward items we're offering for sale:.  (Please feel free to send items you have to offer that aren’t listed here, for our consideration!  J)


Quality Hay - square or round that has been stored inside or wrapped.  Preferably 2nd or later cutting alfalfa or alfalfa/grass-mix, taking into consideration "current market value" for our area.


Grain - dried & cleaned: wheat, barley, oats . . . etc., taking into consideration "current market value" for our area.  (can accept "in bulk" - however much we can fit in our gravity wagon),



For the Yard/Garden:

Herbs – medicinal or culinary.  Currently seeking Cilantro, Dill, Parsley & Chives or . . .?  We have Greek Oregano (perennial) to offer, BTW.

 Vegetable plants:  Pretty well set at this time but wouldn’t mind finding some garlic, more onion sets & more seed potatoes – long-storing varieties.  Blueberry bushes; Strawberry plants; Asparagus starts are some others we’d like to grow , eventually.

Fruit Trees: apple, peach, pear, apricot . . . will consider others; 

Feel free to let us know what you have to offer b/c we might be able to use it!  We prefer heirlooms but will consider all.

Tools: Lawn Sweep/Grass catcher; Reel Mower; Rakes; Shovels; small gardening/hand tools; hoses & attachments; Extension ladder  


For the Kitchen:

Appliances: Kerosene Cookstove (appropiate for everyday, household use versus the teensy, little camping ones); Stand mixer w/ attachments; Food processor w/ attachments; Electric Smoker; Electric Meat Grinder (heavy duty); Electric skillet; Blender; Grain mill; Weck Electric Canner or Turkey Fryer (that can pasteurize several gallons of milk at once).

Canning Supplies: Newer/good quality model pressure cooker/canner; Jars & lids are always winners; canning funnel; jar lifter; 

Home-grown/homemade goodies for our freezer & pantry (canned, frozen, dehydrated . . .)  Produce/herbs, homemade salsa, jam/preserves, maple syrup, breads, pastries, freezer meat (currently all set on beef & pork, but would be particularly interested in chicken or rabbit at this time), etc.




General Farm Items:

Tires: 9.5L-15 (gravity wagon)

Hoof trimmers – cow /horse - something like this:

Fencing - of goat-appropriate type - posts, fence charger (electric &/or solar), cattle/stock panels, etc.

Portable-type housing: Quonsets, calf hutches; pickup truck caps (a/k/a: "toppers", "camper-tops", "camper shells", etc.) - don't have to be pretty or perfect - just "functional" enough to serve as the roof for moveable livestock shelters, etc.!

Poultry: Well-started or ready-for-butcher meat breed chickens (already-butchered would be even better, LOL!); laying hens under 2 years old & preferably w/ *darker plumage* so they don't become hawk/owl fodder - mixed heavy/light breeds that aren't Banty-derived & *well-started* pullets are fine but . . . no fluffies or stewers, please! :D  Also, NO EGG-EATERS!   Muscovy ducks.

Solar panels & accessories.

Milking equipment/accessories - just let us know what you have to offer - chances are . . .we can put it to good use!  :)

Firewood - cured & ready for use by Fall