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Lost Nation Farm

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Contact & Location Information

We live in what is referred to as "the tri-state area" where Michigan, Ohio & Indiana all come together.  Our farm is located in extreme south-central Michigan, 6 miles from the OH border, 20 miles from the IN border & easy access from several major highways:


I-80/I-90 - Indiana/Ohio toll-road (15 miles north)

US-12 (approximately 25 miles south)

US-127 (8 miles west)

I-69 (35 miles east)


We are approximately:


35 miles almost due-south of Jackson, MI

95 miles SE of Kalamazoo, MI

80 miles NE of Ft. Wayne, IN;

35 miles almost due-east of Angola, IN;

65 miles almost due-west of Toledo, OH.


We have a gigantic house & will happily offer overnight accommodations (albeit quite humble) to weary travelers &/or their stock.  Be advised that a prerequisite to being an overnight guest is a love of animals - you will inevitably have to endure midnight pokes of cold, curious canine noses & at least one or two bedmates of the feline persuasion.  (Should you be overnighting during kidding season, add "caprine" to that list.)

Questions or comments, etc?

Just click this address to send us mail:

Lost Nation Dairy Goats

Or you can give us a call at (517) 523-4121

(sending an email is usually best!)