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Lost Nation Farm

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Welcome to Lost Nation Farm!

Welcome to Lost Nation . . .


Located in extreme southern Michigan, right on the Ohio & Indiana borders, our farm is w/i 3-4 hour proximity of Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Chicago & Pittsburgh.  15 miles from I-80/I-90 (Ohio/Indiana toll road) & easy access from several major highways.


We’ve been raising goats since 2000 &, aside from striving to breed a superior dairy goat, we also try to raise as much of our own food as possible, as naturally as possible, in today’s world of chemicals, antibiotics, hormones & unfortunate intensive, commercial meat & dairying practices.


We are proud of the lines we collected to be the foundation of our herd. . . they have been carefully selected for the goals that we have to create the “Total Package”: conformationally-correct, attractive, productive & show-worthy animals.  We have the herd appraised as often as we can, attend shows in Michigan, Ohio & Indiana as our schedules will permit & have been quite pleased with the successful evolution of our herd.


The past couple of years have been particularly trying ones,  as we've been faced with the challenges posed by a faltering economy & the subsequent, unexpected employment changes making eking out an existence extra-challenging.   We've therefore had to focus more on overall efficiency & have  

moved more toward a grass-based approach.  This not only provides a healthier "end product", meat & milk-wise, but in the process, we've learned which animals have what it takes to be the most productive, efficient & hardy & have a newfound appreciation for  those who are really proving their "Total Package" prowess!


The breeding program has been adjusting & progressing accordingly, too.   With the extra-importance of the animals needing to be able to earn their keep, has come the focus on who's turning out to be the best defining examples of that trite cliche "Not just another pretty face", LOL!  


In the meantime, the goats have enjoyed a nice vacation from the show scene just hanging around, 'being goats", while the humans attended to various & sundry (& seemingly never-ending) family/home/etc. projects.  We’re hoping to get back to at least the normal level of chaos & insanity, hopefully allowing for appraisal & maybe even squeaking in a few shows . . .especially because we have some extremely promising young ladies that we’d like to get out there to see if they’re as spiffy as we think they are – or if we’re just being barn blind, LOL!  ;)~


We practice a strict disease-prevention program, attending all births & "catching" kids intended for breeding stock to be bottle-raised on heat-treated colostrum & pasteurized milk.  The kids live in their own area, separate from the rest of the herd & are raised on, among other things, a coccidiastat regimen till they’re past the age/stage of susceptibility.  The herd entire is  maintained on a vaccination & parasite prevention regimen.


We almost always have animals available - &/or can be persuaded to go out to the barn & “find” one, if/when someone contacts us looking for something in particular.  ;)~  We’ll do our best to fulfill your specifications whether it be for a herdsire, market project, family milker, show prospect, etc.   Only bucklings of exceptional quality will be offered after we’ve had the chance to evaluate them & their dams, if not several other relatives hopefully indicative of the quality & consistence we’re striving to establish & maintain.  If you see something in particular that interests you, please feel free to contact me regarding current or future availability.  Please also take a moment to review our Terms of Sale.


Our Herd Brochure is basically a printed "hard copy" version of this website.  You may print the information right from our site for your personal perusal or contact me for a hard-copy to be sent to you via “snail-mail”.  We are always happy to share our pictures & information but ask that you please acquire express permission before using the pictures &/or information off our site as much of it is collected from other breeders from whom we acquired permission prior to our using it.  We thank you in advance for your consideration.


We are members of the following organizations:


The American Dairy Goat Association

The American LaMancha Club

The Michigan Dairy Goat Society

The Tri-State Dairy Goat Association – Michigan, Ohio & Indiana (no website)

The National Toggenburg Club


We hope you will take a moment to browse our site & see what you think.  If you find any mistakes or have information to offer . . . or would just like to chat, by all means . . . send me an email!


Thanks for your interest!

Sarah Sanders