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2006 LaMancha Does

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Sorting through the 2006 group is particularly torturous as it’s one of the overall best “crops” we’ve had, to date.  That’s why we have too many of them.  J  Since we’re so enamored w/ all of them, the logical way to go abt making the tough decisions would be to look at lineage – what we have lottts of (maybe too much of, LOL) - & what we don’t.  So keep checking back b/c this group is really killing me – numberswise & otherwise-wise, LOL.  Esp. having to take into consideration the 2008 kids, which I can't keep nearly as many as I'd like to, this year. L


Lost Nation OOHCD “Breindel”

Black/tan Sundgau; small white spot on right side; wattles LaMancha doe $300


Breindel's a very well-bred doe, combining some of the most consistently well-proven lines in the country for overall structure, mammary & milk.  She has National Best Udders on both sides & the milk genetics behind her, too.  - & also combines some of the most consistently fabulous lines in our herd.  She’s a member of the “Bliss Family”, with her maternal granddam Bliss being one of my strongest foundation does that a large part of my herd has been/is being built upon/around & my all-time favorite dam-line – beautiful, elegant & correct does w/ beautiful & correct mammaries, consistently continuing in the generations down the line.


Breindel's dam, Blessing’s been my favorite doe in the herd & one of the best things I've created, thus far.   Blessing’s full sister, Blush is just as nice – but her downfall is that she doesn’t happen to be my fickle favorite “jet black w/ wattles”, LOL.  Blessing’s twin brother, Bolero is siring some stunning kids for us, too – his first fresh daughter, Damselfly is very similar in type & probably sporting the fanciest mammary on the farm.  We’re pretty excited abt watching her develop.


Breindel's a very nicely put together, strongly-built, low-maintenance doe with an easy-going demeanor.  She freshened w/ a very correct mammary that’s well attached all the way around, nice & high in the rear, nice & smooth in the fore with a good, strong medial, excellent texture & very nice teats that make hand-milking a breeze.  She’s a very promising young lady who will just get better & better w/ maturity/freshenings & should be highly competitive.