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Lost Nation Dashing "Caper"

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Lost Nation Dashing "Caper" - purebred LaMancha

chocolate & white paint with tan trim & polka dots


Sire: *B Rockspring Dude Dixana Dashing L1226732 LA  3-01 88 VEE


Dam: Twin Cypress OOHTC Carolina LA 2-06 88 EEEV (first freshener); 1 CH leg


Despite the less-than-stellar pictures, this correct & flashy boy greatly resembles his dam, who was our highest appraising first freshener last year.  (quoting appraiser: “88 with a bullet!”)


His sire, Dash has consistently improved Breed Character, Dairy Character, Shoulder Assembly, Rear Legs, Feet, Milk & Mammaries - particularly rear udder height.  (He also throws his wonderful temperament!)  The Dash daughters are developing into some of our best does, standing on some of the strongest feet & legs & boasting the highest rear udder scores in the herd; are low-maintenance, easy keepers & require minimal pampering to maintain & thrive. 


With the line scores on both sire, dam, siblings & other close relatives, we feel that this snazzy guy should help improve just about any area, LOL!




2003 Paternal sister: Lost Nation Dashing Ceinwen

2003 Paternal sister: Lost Nation Dashing Roulette

2003 Paternal sister: Lost Nation Dashing Jigsaw

2003 Paternal sister: Lost Nation Dashing Rose Petal

2005 Paternal sister: Lost Nation Dashing Fantasia