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2007 LaMancha Does
Lost Nation OOHCD Larkspur & Lustrife

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Lost Nation OOHCD Larkspur

red & white paint

Lost Nation OOHCD Lustrife



Sire: One*Oak*Hill Cycas Draw LA 2-03 88 VEE

Dam: Wylde-Rose LR Louise


You’d never know these were July babies by looking at them & comparing them to their penmates!  Another breeding that turned out just as we hoped, these 2 exceedingly correct girls show endless promise.  They particularly excel in the areas of Breed Character, length & levelness & are nice, dairy yet strongly-built does.  Draw added the strength we wanted to improve in Louise &, considering all of the MILK on both sides of the family, that should come in handy once these two are fresh!


2009 Update: These girls continue to develop into such wonderful & pretty, pretty does - completing the package by both freshening with fabulous, faultless mammaries!  Both of their udders are improved over their dam's in overall area of attachment, & extension & blending of fore-udder.