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Does - $250.00

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Lost Nation Draw “Esmerelda”- 2007 LaMancha, LOUD black & white paint with tan trim


Sire: One*Oak*Hill Cycas Draw LA 2-03 88 VEE

Dam: Lost Nation Jrufio Enya


Heavy One*Oak*Hill-bred kid out of our showiest & consistently elegant dam-line, this girl is very correct & exceedingly fancy – in appearance & in pedigree!  J 


As mentioned (& mentioned . . .AND mentionnnnned, LOL) we have been extremely impressed w/ the kids Draw is siring for us!  Crossing him onto our “Bliss Family” resulted in some particularly exceptional kids for 2006, so . . . we did a bunch more of that cross for 2007 . . . & got a bunch more potentially fabulous little specimens – more than we can keep, LOL!


Enya & Ea were the result of a repeat breeding, in hopes of getting something like their very nice & very successful year older full sister, Paczki - & it worked!  They’re both maturing into positively divine young ladies, both extremely correct & both with extremely nice mammaries.  We bred them both to Draw for 2006 & . . .both had bucks – really, really NICE bucks.  So . . . we repeated that breeding for 2007, hoping for the same result, but hopefully in the form of female versions - & both had buck/doe twins!  Really, really NICE buck/doe twins, LOL!


To add to the dilemma, Packzi kidded w/ TRIPLET Draw doelings for 2007, sisters Blush & Blessing also each produced a set of Draw twins, so . . . now we have a whole little herd of full or ummm . . 7/8? – something like that - siblings to try to pick & choose from, LOL.


Lost Nation Draw “Heathen” – 2007 LaMancha; belted dark red chamoisee


Sire: One*Oak*Hill Cycas Draw LA 2-03 88 VEE

Dam: Lost Nation Matrix Hedonist


Hedonist’s 2007 kids are yet more fine examples of the Draw/Matrix cross we’ve been so impressed with!  They are super-correct & gorgeous girls who are already exhibiting the mischievous-but-irresistibly delightful personalities this dam-line is (in)famous for, LOL!  Twin sister, Harlot is staying here.  *wink*