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Lost Nation Matrix “Rojelio” - 2006 LaMancha; light chamoise; gopher ears $300


Sire: Becca’s Tweed Matrix LA 1-03 87 VEV

Dam: SGCH Forrest-Pride Vanilla Rose 4*M LA 5-04 89 VEE


Very correct, good looking, well-bred boy out of a Superior Genetics/Permanent Champion doe!  Need we say more, LOL?  J


Lost Nation Matrix “Elkan” - 2006 LaMancha; broken chamoise w/ wattles & martingale; gopher ears $300


Sire: Becca’s Tweed Matrix LA 1-03 87 VEV

Dam: CH Lit’l Dutch Éclair


Out of our showiest (& quite possibly our “overall best”) dam-line, Elkan resembles his dad, markings-wise - & his mom & more-than-maternal sisters, Ea & Enya (2005 Jrufio twins ), structurally . . . including the pretty, “typey” heads Éclair’s thrown to the majority of her offspring.  J  I could go on & on & onnn abt this boy, but feel that the “provenness” of the animals behind & all around him should hopefully do that for me, LOL!


Lost Nation Revel “Quartz”2007 LaMancha; dark red chamoise w/ black trim, martingale & dorsal; gopher ears *** The only Revel son we’ll have to offer!***  $275


Sire: *B Lucky*Star’s QK Revel

Dam: Lost Nation Matrix Garnet


Quartz’ dam, Garnet & her twin, Gemstone are two truly stunning specimens.  They stand out from the crowd for their indisputable elegance, both being long, tall, extremely correct from nose to tail & both having very impressive mammaries that are high & wide in the rear, smooth & well-extended in the fore & very snugly attached all the way around.  We’re very proud of both of these girls & have high expectations for them! 


This heavy Lucky*Star bred boy looks very much like his dam, Garnet in structure, type & in color, being a striking deep red chamoise with black trim, martingale & dorsal, although improved over his dam in the area of Breed Character, as he’s exhibiting a more correct head. (mom has a pretty & correct head, but could have a tad flatter bridge if we got realllly picky.  J)


The two Revel daughters we’ve freshened so far are developing into very nice does who have extremely correct mammaries, too, with both being improved over their dams.  We’re particularly pleased with Couscous' practically perfect mammary, as we didn’t think it was possible to have a prettier udder than her dam, Ceinwen’s, LOL!  You can see her & Quartz’ other milking paternal sister, Banzai in the 2005 Does section of our website while visiting Couscous' page.


This breeding was done w/ the intent/hope of getting a buck to retain for future linebreeding purposes however, due to the downsizing necessities, we cannot keep all of the bucks we’d intended.


Lost Nation Suede “Granite” –2007 LaMancha; chamoise; gopher ears

Twin brother to Geode,


Private Treaty- please email directly 


Lost Nation Jrufio Renaissance – 2005 LaMancha; solid chocolate; gopher ears

Twin brother to Renoir


Private Treaty- please email directly