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Lost Nation Surge "Cookie"

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Lost Nation Surge “Cookie” dark chocolate


Sire: *B Willow Run Chalupa Surge 


Dam: Simplicity Farms Mikey Coquette


This pretty doeling just keeps getting nicer & nicer as she develops . . . & her friendly, outgoing demeanor adds to her irresistibleness (is that a word, LOL?).


“Cookie” is a growthy kid who’s very correct from nose to tail, with an attractive “typey” head; long & level topline, sharp withers & a great rump.  She has good extension to the brisket & lots of width from her chest to her hocks, standing nice & wide in the rear with an eye-catching escutcheon arch & showing proper teats.  She is a deep-bodied kid with flat & open ribbing, soft & pliable skin, correct leg set front & rear & tracks correctly on strong feet & legs. With all of the milk behind her, “Cookie” should also be an impressive producer.


Oh yes & an added bonus is that she's linebred on *B FDF-Pleasant Fields Malachite, himself!  Aside from siring the 2006 ADGA National Best LaMancha Udder, Singing-Hills Malachite Sprite EX92 (twin sister to Surge’s dam, Faygo), a couple of other particularly notable Malachite offspring:


2002 ADGA National 1st Sr. Yearling & Jr. National Champion,CH Singing-Hills Malachitebrisies

2004 ADGA National Reserve Best Udder, CH Singing-Hills PFM Britta EX91