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Lost Nation Draw "Creidne"

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Lost Nation Draw “Creidne” 



Sire: One*Oak*Hill Cycas Draw LA 2-03 88 VEE


Dam: Lost Nation Matrix Creirwy 


Creidne (pronounced “KREED nee”) is another lovely example of the Draw/Matrix cross we’re so pleased with!  This stylish gal is a real eye-catcher with her long, graceful neck, attractive “typey” head, both accented by her high-headed carriage.  She has a long & level topline, powerful yet dairy & elegant build . . . w/ an escutcheon clear up to “there”!   She’s a nice little package of mammary, milk & show genetics & reminds us of her beautiful paternal granddam, SGCH One*Oak*Hill Giddy Dioon *M EX91. (pictures on Draw’s page)  She wouldn't be going anywhere if we hadn't had such a doe year for 2006.  We appeased ourselves by doing a few genetically-similar breedings for 2007 - including repeating this one - in hopes of producing more like Creidne!  ;)~   

$400 - Possibly bred for Summer babies to Thorn: