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Lost Nation Surge "Celyn"

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Lost Nation Surge "Celyn"



Sire: *B Willow Run Chalupa Surge 


Dam: Lost Nation Dashing Ceinwen LA 2-03 83 +V++ first freshener (highest rear udder score in the herd w/ a 47 as a first freshener!) & linebred on GCH +*B ROCKSPRING DM VERMIL VINCENT, 2000 ADGA National Premier Sire & the sire of Ceinwen's great-grandmother, GCH ROCKSPRING VIN DAFFY DANDELION 4*M EX93 who was the 1998 National Champion & the 2003 Reserve National Champion.


Need rear udders?  Here you go!  Mammary genetics galore behind this tall, handsome & sweet-tempered boy!


Celyn is built like his dad, marked like his mom & has very nice Breed Character.  He’s out of one of our most consistently fancy-mammaried dam-lines that go back for generations &, as indicated by his maternal sister, Couscous , we’re seeing how the trend continues!  Dam, Ceinwen is our favorite 4 y.o. who’s developing into one of our most promising does, fulfilling our criteria of the “complete package” we’re striving to create.  She’s sharp, dairy & attractive, long & level with a terrific rump, excellent angulation & standing on V feet.  And, true to her lineage, she has one of the prettiest mammaries in the herd!  She is also a very good milker with a long & level lactation who maintains condition without folderol – other important traits we focus on attaining/sustaining. 


Considering the mammary genetics behind his Sire, Surge, this breeding seems like it'd be a genetic no-brainer!  J