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*B Lost Nation Surge "Chorizo"

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*B Lost Nation Surge "Chorizo"

chocolate with wattles


Sire: *B Willow Run Chalupa Surge 


Dam: Willow Run Lovey Lucky Charm 2*M 7-02 88 VEVV; 2 GCH legs

Charm is still hardy & sound at 9 years old, standing on strong feet & legs - & easily delivered great, BIG Buck/Doe twins without missing a beat.  These twins were “Wow” kids right from birth – tall, long & leggy kids who are also “very dairy” being fine-skinned, sharp & angular with long, lean necks; flat & open ribbing & an overall long bone pattern.  This buckling looks just like a miniature version of his sire . . . right down to the “perpetually” surprised expression on his cute, little brown face, LOL!