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Bargain Basement Doelings!

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. . . some doe kids whose asking prices are extra-affordable &/or for whom we'll accept items we're seeking that are listed on the Bargain Basement Buckling page in exchange - either equivalent or in part + cash balance.  J

“Juno” 2006 LaMancha; taupe w/ wattles & small white splashes  $75.00


Sire: *B Lucky*Star’s QK Revel 1-06 88 VEV

Dam: Lost Nation Jrufio Juji


Out of one of our favorite dam-lines that we’ve retained nearly everything from (although it's one of THE slowest-maturing lines we have, LOL - well worth the wait) this kid looks just abt like a miniature Juji, except she’s an interesting, little bit more silvery shade of taupe than Juji is.  She is very correct & has one of the highest, widest escutcheons of the 2006 crop, following the pattern seen in her entire maternal line - & now also in her 2 paternal sisters that we’ve freshened so far, who are both exhibiting practically perfect mammaries! 


Unfortunately, Juno has been the most accident -prone thing I've ever met.  First, nearly died from getting into a hornet’s nest; then, somehow threw her back/rear outa whack during play; then, nearly died from pneumonia!  (I have a sneaking suspicion she did all that intentionally b/c she was MUCH too comfortable being a pampered house goat, LOL!)  Amazingly, she’s still with us today - although, understandably is small & spindly for her age due to her rough childhood.  She is therefore being offered as a “pet” without papers but w/ the possibility of “appropriate arrangements” being made to purchase her registration in the future, if she goes on to develop/mature nicely – or “appropriate arrangements” for registering future daughters she produces.  J 


Lost Nation Matrix “Sachet” 2006 LaMancha; light chamoisee w/ cream & brown trim  (last year’s baby pics) $175


Sire: Becca’s Tweed Matrix LA 1-03 87 VEV

Dam: Irish Valley Sorcerer SaraLee  LA 1-03 V Ec V (V) (Ec in Head, Shoulder Assembly & Front Legs)


Sachet’s a real sweetheart & a well-bred kid with Tumbleweed, Tumult & Sorcerer behind her - & also with her dam, Suzu being twin sister to the famous Surata, 2x National Champion/Best Udder! 


Sachet’s paternal sisters that we’ve freshened so far are exhibiting the “total package” criteria we’re striving for in our breeding program, developing into very attractive, stylish does w/ very good mammaries, they’re all milking very well while still maintaining condition w/o any muss & fuss.  My kinda goats!


Sachet’s dam SaraLee freshened w/ a practically perfect udder last year & has really blossomed tremendously as a 2nd freshener, developing into the exquisite doe we were expecting from her fine lineage.  We have been very impressed w/ our Sorcerer daughters (see also Star & Tinkerbell ) as they’re turning out to be some distinct favorites, definitely living up to our “total package” criteria.  They're all gorgeous in type – very dairy & stylish - and all are beautiful-mammaried milkin' fools with nice, long & level lactations – w/ just the right amt of power to sustain it, too! 


Sachet’s an overall correct doe exhibiting the promising escutcheon we’d expect from these genetics, with a very nice, high & wide arch & proper teat size/placement.  She’ll likely require some patience however since she’s already taking after her dam, as far as being a gawky youngster &, considering the development pattern we’ve observed in many of the Matrix daughters who’ve also gone through awkward phases . . . is getting hit by a bit of a slow-bloomer double whammy, LOL.  With the depth & strength of her pedigree & the quality exhibited in numerous relatives all around & behind her however . . . a little wait should be worth the “end product”.  J


Lost Nation Draw “Coral” – 2006 LaMancha; medium chamoisee $200


Sire: One*Oak*Hill Cycas Draw LA 2-03 88 VEE

Dam: Lost Nation Matrix Garnet


Coral’s dam, Garnet & her twin, Gemstone are two truly stunning specimens.  They stand out from the crowd for their indisputable elegance, both being long, tall, extremely correct from nose to tail & both have very impressive mammaries that are high & wide in the rear, smooth & well-extended in the fore & very snugly attached all the way around w/ pretty teats.  We’re very proud of both of these girls & have high expectations for them! 


Coral is a very pretty & correct doe who’s quite similar in type to her mom & aunt, with her long & level topline, stretchiness & overall elegance.  She’s also a typical Draw kid with her delightful & inquisitive demeanor, correctness - & a pretty head with such an irresistible, expressive face!  She’s also showing a lot of natural width between the hocks & exhibiting a high, wide escutcheon arch w/ proper teats.


This a very promising kid who’s only being listed here in the “BBD” section due to being a Summer baby & sporting scurs, thanks to my disbudder taking a long & drawn-out poop &, to be frank, that I’ve just not “found” the time to take care of due to all of the busyness/crazyness we’ve had going on, LOL!


Lost Nation Surge “Pierogi” 2006 LaMancha; black $175


Sire: *B Willow-Run Chalupa Surge

Dam: Lost Nation Jrufio Paczki


We have been very pleased w/ the fantastic kids Surge is siring for us . . . & the results we’ve gotten from crossing him onto the “Bliss Family” have been extra-fantastic!  One of my favorite 2006 kids was a 3/4 sister to this breeding who, naturally . . . was lost in a tragic accident.  L  Thankfully, Paczki was generous enough to give me twin Surge doelings who are just as snazzy, albeit being born in JULY, LOL!


Pierogi is an adorable & extremely correct kid who looks quite like a miniature version of her mom.  She’s the more correct & fancier escutcheoned of the twin sisters, but was nearly half the size of her twin at birth - & . . . is still trying to catch up, LOL!  Since those girls were the last of the 2006 crop, they’ve understandably had a bit of a tough time of things, competing w/ the older/bigger inhabitants in the Summer baby pen – particularly Pierogi due to her itty bittiness & compounded by her exceptionally sweet & gentle nature.  She really should be in a smaller herd situation where she’ll have a better opportunity to flourish.  As w/ the situation w/ Coral (& a few other late-born 2006 kids, for that matter, LOL), she also has scurs.