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Lost Nation Rap “Litha”  - 2007 Toggenburg doe – brown w/ correct white markings $200.00

Sire: Welbian Farms RB Rapscallion

Dam: Lost Nation Jorge Midsummer


Litha is a lovely & gentle-natured little gal who also inherited her mom's pretty, dishy head, exhibiting very nice type.  She's very correct from nose to tail & is also showing an excellent escutcheon.  She's a late-born kid out of a smaller-type dam-line who will require some patience but should be worth the wait!  We've retained 3/4 sisters of hers & repeated the breeding for 2008!

Seven Maples Rez-Berg Basil 2006 Toggenburg buck, brown w/ correct white markings; wattles  $175.00
Sire: *B Seven-Maples Ba-Bo Rezado EX90
Basil is a very handsome, correct & dairy young lad who's showing very nice type & has a pedigree full of consistently terrific quality for generations.  He was intended to be used for line-breeding purposes but due to the rapidly rising costs of hay & grain, I can't justify feeding/maintaining a guy I won't be able to use for another generation or two.  He should be good for just about any improvement you're seeking but particularly for the areas of stature, strength & milk.