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2006 Does

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Lost Nation Surge “Cookie” – 2006 LaMancha; dark chocolate; $250 (possibly bred)


Sire: *B Willow Run Chalupa Surge

Dam: Simplicity Farms Mikey Coquette


This correct & powerful doe is linebred on *B FDF-Pleasant Fields Malachite, sire of the 2006 ADGA National Best LaMancha Udder, the 2002 ADGA National 1st Sr. Yearling & Jr. National Champion & the 2004 ADGA National Reserve Best Udder!


Cookie’s an outgoing, leggy & lanky gal who’s wide throughout, dairy & angular, standing on strong feet & legs & showing a very promising escutcheon.  Her dam Coquette was a very typey, beautiful bodied “Old Style” doe who was an excellent milker & also stood on terrific feet & legs.  Her price reflects the fact that she has some unfortunate scurs, due to my disbudder’s untimely demise!  They've been banded however, so . . . if she doesn't sell by the time she's all spiffed up, her price will change accordingly.


Lost Nation Sunra “Ceri” ; 2006 LaMancha; sundgau; elf ears; $325 (possibly bred)


Sire: *B CH Willow Run Virtuosity Sunra LA 3-02 FS 90 EVE

            SS: *B Redwood Hills Ely Virtuosity

            SD: SGCH Willow Run GC Surata 2*M  (2x ADGA National Champion and Best Udder)


Dam: Lost Nation Matrix Cerys 


Ceri is an attractive, very correct & very dairy kid who’s looking more & more like an elf eared version of her aunt Ceinwen . . . & like a sundgau version of her mom, Cerys, her aunt Creirwy & her grandma, Cerridwen . . . not to mention her other grandma, Surata! 


She’s showing an extremely promising escutcheon &, since she comes from one of my most consistently fabulous-mammaried dam lines &, considering she is also a granddaughter of the almighty Surata, seems like a “genetic shoo-in” for future fabulosity, LOL!  Ceri’s lines on both sides are slow-maturing &, since she’s also a Summer baby, she will require a little patience.


Lost Nation Papaya “Narcisse” 2006 Experimental (50%LM 50%GA) – black w/ small white belly splash; elf ears; bred 10/7 to Lost Nation Suede Geode $275



            SS: ONE*OAK*HILL JANSEN JAVELIN LA 1yr: 90 VEE - paternal siblings: One*Oak*Hill Jansen Tirade ; One*Oak*Hill Jansen Junebug: ; One*Oak*Hill Zapped By Light’G  1*M YS Ec

                        SSS: *B One*Oak*Hill Luxor Jansen

                                    SSSS: *B Katerina’s B/T Luxor

                                    SSSD: GCH FDF Pleasant Fields T. Jarva 1*M

                        SSD: One*Oak*Hill Medicine Jabber

                                    SSDS: ++*B Winterwood’s the Medicine Man

                                    SSDD: Elm*Glen Harlequin Juno


                        SDS: ONE*OAK*HILL TWEED MAKO (littermate to Mykasa; full brother to GCH +*B Conagher EX90)

                                    SSDS:  GCH +B ONE*OAK*HILL MAC TUMBLE WEED LA:  7-03  EX91 EEE 2003 & 2004 ADGA NATIONAL PREMIER SIRE; sire of 2 National Best LaMancha Udders; & full brother to Tumult (4x ADGA National Premier Sire) & to Tuzla (2000 ADGA National Champion & Reserve Best Udder)

                                    SSDD: ONE*OAK*HILL HARLEQUIN MARIN

                        SDD: CH DREAMHAVEN GEORGIA L HONEY

                                    SDDS: Clovertop’s Lionel

                                    SDDD: On-A-Clear Day Sweet Georgia


Dam: Lost Nation Naomi 


Considering how impressed we’ve been with what a fine doe Naomi’s turned out to be, it hasn’t been any surprise to watch this stunning daughter of hers blossom over the past year, either.


Narcisse is a positively dazzling young lady who is the picture of General Appearance w/ her striking, shiney jet black coloring, extremely correct conformation, sharpness & dairyness, lonnnnng & elegant neck ending in a very attractive head.  She’s showing very good depth for her age, exhibits a very promising escutcheon & walks with lots of natural width between the hocks. 


This kid reminds me so much of a young, elf-eared version of April’s Zap (see link for her webpage listed among the Jansen offspring above) who, although I already had plenty of Experimentals, was the inspiration behind me deciding to keep Narcisse! 


I feel that this kid should be a real ring ripper upper & had big visions of her being my RG Dry Yearling for this year’s show season.  Unfortunately, Fate’s had other things in mind for me & my herd the past couple of years, so . . . I’m offering Narcisse b/c she’s an awesome kid who really deserves to be out there, strutting her stuff!


Lost Nation Revel  “Jacie” – 2006 LaMancha; chocolate & white paint w/ tan trim; bred 9/28 to One*Oak*Hill Cycas Draw LA 2-03 88 VEE $325


Sire: *B Lucky*Star’s QK Revel

Dam: Howard’s Angels Jacki LA 4-03 89 VAEE


Super-flashy, super-correct & sporting one of the fanciest escutcheons of the 2006 crop, Jacie is a stunning kid who’s the Queen of General Appearance & radiates with potential & promise.  This is the last daughter of our beloved Jacki who deserves to be shown off but is another who won’t be allowed to go “just anywhere”. 


Wylde Rose DMCD “Looky-Lou” – 2006 LaMancha; chocolate & white paint w/ tan trim bred 10/19 to One*Oak*Hill Cycas Draw LA 2-03 88 VEE $325


What a looker!  The goat AND the pedigree, LOL!


Another dazzler we’d really like to hoard for ourselves but who should be out there strutting her stuff!  She’s currently looking like a gawky teenager, but reminds us VERY much of a young version of her cousin, Carolina who appraised w/ an impressive 88 EEEV as a first freshener!