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Lost Nation Matrix "Elkan"

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2006 teensy baby pictures!

Lost Nation Matrix “Elkan”

chamoise with martingale, partial white belt & wattles


Sire: Becca’s Tweed Matrix LA 1-03 87 VEV

Dam: CH Lit’l Dutch Éclair


Éclair kidded with triplets for 2006 (& twins for 2007) & looks as beautiful as ever as a 6 year old.  The “Bliss line” is one of our favorites for their stylishness & the consistency of overall quality they exhibit & pass to their offspring. 


Éclair’s 2004 Jrufio daughter, Paczki (2004 District-IV LaMancha Specialty Jr. RGCH) is still striving to be one of the largest does in the herd & has matured into striking 2nd freshening 2 year old.  2005 Jrufio daughters, Ea & Enya take more after mama, being more petite than full sister, Paczki & some of their other paternal sisters. . . & are also maturing into stunning young ladies, freshening with the fancy mammaries this line produces.


Éclair’s maternal sisters, Blush & Blessing (2004 & 2005 Jrufio daughters – ¾ siblings to Paczki, Ea & Enya) are also maturing beautifully & both sporting mammaries equally as nice as Bliss’.  We feel they are 2 of the best we’ve bred thus far!


Among the “picks of the crop” for 2006 are


-          Bliss’ 2006 Matrix kids (3/4 siblings to these fine young lads we’re offering for sale), exhibiting the grace & elegance we admire in this line so much

-          Blessing’s 2006 Draw daughter – an instant favorite who was just BORN as a “Wow!” kid

-          Blush’s 2006 Surge daughter who looks like a miniature taupe version of mama

-          Bolero’s (Blessing’s twin brother) daughter out of Dragonfly


The Matrix daughters are maturing into impressive young ladies, too; tall & elegant does who are freshening with very nice, very productive mammaries.  Considering the successful cross with Jrufio on this line, we felt we couldn’t go wrong with Matrix! 


This boy is very correct & developing into an extremely nice-looking young man who looks quite similar to his sire.  He's wide from chest to hocks, smoothly blended, dairy & very handsome with his long neck & nice Breed Character.  $400