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Bargain Basement Bucks!

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It’s getting to be that time of year when we’re thinking about the fact that pasture season will soon be over & we’ll be faced with the expenses that winter hand-feeding puts on us!  With that comes the annual Fall duty of sorting through the livestock to figure out how we can reduce the numbers – who’s staying, who’s being sold, or . . . ending up as freezer fodder, etc.


We’d much prefer seeing these well-bred & promising young lads go to caring, working homes rather than for meat, so are offering them extremely reasonably &/or will accept “trade-items” toward purchase price, too. . . a great opportunity to pick up terrific quality genetics very affordably!


In addition to the items posted on our “Wish List” page, I’ve listed a few things here that we’d find particularly useful right now.  Since prices can vary widely on wanted items listed that I buy, I’ll “credit” what I’m currently paying (prices listed are at the time of this posting - 10/1)


- Hay – good quality alfalfa or alfalfa/grass mix, preferably 2nd or latter cutting.  I’m paying $3.60/bale for 3rd pure alfalfa squares & $40/bale 3rd alfalfa/grass 5x5 rounds/stored inside/delivered.  Straw – clean, fresh straw $1/25/bale – can accept up to 20 bales

- Ivermectin - 1% injectable for cattle &/or Valbazen (can be ordered from my favorite & usually the cheapest cattle supply company

- Di-Methox (Sulfadimethoxine injectable; can also be ordered from Dairy Pharm)

- Grain: Corn (cracked, rolled or shell will all work!  $3.83/bu. - I can accept as much of this as you can haul & get into our gravity wagon, LOL!); Wheat: (.0945 cents/lb) Oats: (.1419 cents/lb)

- Alfalfa pellets ($8.98/50#); Beet Pulp ($7.45/40# bag)

- Supplements: Loose mineral mix: goat, horse or cattle suitable for animals on a grassier hay (no sheep or "sheep & goat" mixes) $17/bag for 50# horse mineral; $9/bag for 25# goat mineral; Kelp –$38.00/50# bag (been quite awhile since I bought this); Yeast – Diamond-V brand $38.00/50# bag

Dog food – 50# bags of *meat based* (Brands we use are Sportmix & Joy & run around $12-$15/bag)

- Meat – home-raised or hunted, already-processed/packaged pork, venison or any type of poultry

- Garden/orchard bounty type items . . . Home-raised/processed canned tomatoes/sauce/salsa/ketchup/etc., jams/jellies/etc.; frozen fruits/veggies; Maple Syrup; cider &/or cider vinegar; Root-cellar items: potatoes, carrots, parsnips/turnips, beets, squash, etc.  Let me know what you have to offer!

- Raw Honey ($75.00 for the 5-gal bucket I bought this past Spring)

- Meat-processing items: Smoker; electric knife, grinder, sausage stuffer, etc.


- Or, if you have similar items to offer that I haven't listed, specifically - please feel free to email me at & tell me what you have & what the value is.  If it's something we can use, we'll just put our heads together & figure out a nice arrangement that'll make us both happy! J

Lost Nation Surge “Jitney” – 2007 LaMancha; dark chocolate; gopher ears; prevention-raised $150.00


Sire: *B Willow Run Chalupa Surge

Dam: Lost Nation Dashing Jigsaw LA 2-03 +V++ 82 (1st freshener E Feet & 46 Rear Height!)


From one of our favorite dam-lines, Jitney is a very correct & stylish boy being sharp & dairy, very smoothly blended, long-necked & exhibiting a high, wide escutcheon arch.


Jitney’s dam, Jigsaw kidded with another set of fancy, elegant, eye-catching triplets again this year & is maturing into a positively divine doe, like we were hoping she would.  She reminds us very much of her dam, the late, great Jacki who was our all-time favorite. 


This dam line tends to be slower to mature however is one of our favorites for producing the “complete package” criteria we seek.  They have delightful personalities, they're very correct, they have pretty & milky mammaries, attractive heads & they're productive all the way around: show, milk, offspring (w/ triplets & quads being commonplace), hardiness, etc.


Jigsaw's 2003 paternal sisters are developing into some of our best does w/ all 4 of the 2003 Dash daughters (see also: Roulette, Ceinwen & Rose Petal) excelling in Head, Rear Legs, Back, Feet & Mammary, boasting the highest rear udder scores in the herd (w/ the lowest being a 45!). 2004 maternal sisters, Juji & Jetty both freshened beautifully again this year & 2006 maternal sister (sired by Revel) is a very fancy kid who was another immediate favorite!


Jiselle, Jitney’s 2006 maternal sister (sired by Renoir) is a truly stunning gal & the current favorite of the 2006 does, looking like a miniature - possssssibly even more elegant - version of their mom. 


Lost Nation Renoir “Salsa” & “Samba” – 2007 LaMancha; gopher eared; one sundgau like dad, one cream like mom; dam-raised $125.00


Sire: Lost Nation Jrufio Renoir

Dam: Irish Valley Sorcerer SaraLee


We LOVE our Renoir kids, we’ve been exTREMEly impressed with our Sorcerer daughters & . . . this breeding would appear to have worked just as we hoped it would, resulting in outstanding triplets!  J


SaraLee has blossomed tremendously as a 2nd freshening 3 year old, developing into the exquisite doe we were suspecting she would. 


Renoir’s 2006 daughter, Jiselle is a favorite, being a real eye-catcher who stands out from the crowd for her stylishness & elegance. 


These deep-pedigreed kids are like peas in a pod, being very correct & attractive, sharp & dairy, long & level, smoothly-blended throughout with very nice breed character & exhibiting high & wide escutcheon arches - fiiiiine examples of the strong genetics from which they’re derived!


Seven Maples Rez-Berg Basil - 2006 Toggenburg buck, brown w/ correct white markings; wattles; Prevention-raised  $225.00
Sire: *B Seven-Maples Ba-Bo Rezado EX90
Basil is a very handsome, correct & gentle-natured young lad who's showing nice type & has a pedigree full of consistently terrific quality for generations.  He was intended to be used for line-breeding purposes but I can't justify feeding/maintaining a guy I won't be able to use for another generation or two.  He should be good for just about any improvement you're seeking but particularly for the areas of stature, strength & milk.


Lost Nation CM Magician – 2005 Nubian; Black w/ frosted ears, muzzle, white splashes; prevention-raised $200.00


Sire: Old*Glory Elite Ima Candyman (I have a Word Document on Candyman w/ extended ped info & lots of pictures that I can email directly)

SS: *B Royal Cedars Candy's Elite
      SSS: *B Royal Cedars Candy Man
        SSSS: +*B GCH Crown*Point Lord Chancellor (++*B Crown*Point ZDG Tiger Paws x GCH Rio Del Oro's Mountain Mama 3*M Ntl RGCH '87, '90; Ntl Best Udder '87; Ntl Res Best Udder '90)
        SSSD: GCH Royal Cedars Sugar Candy 3*M Ntl GCH 1994; Ntl RGCH '91, '93; Ntl Best Udder '93; Ntl Res Best Udder '94
      SSD: GCH Royal Cedars Sugar Candy 3*M Ntl GCH 1994; Ntl RGCH '91, '93; Ntl Best Udder '93; Ntl Res Best Udder '94
         SSDS: +B GCH Nestucca Bracken's Bo-K
         SSDD: GCH Royal Cedars Sugar Baby 2*M
DD: CH Dayspring Ima San Panna - 7-04 FS 89 VVVE
1st Placed Aged Doe 2002 Nationals
      DDS: ++*B GCH Bar-W-Santana J - 1986 ADGA National Premier Sire
         DDSS: +*B Gasconade Jannetter (+*B Muirhill Annbirds Domino x GCH Muirhill Toros Frosty 5*M 1980 ADGA National Reserve Grand Champion)
         DDSD: GCH Bar-W Satin 1*M
    DDD: CH Dayspring Ima Believer 3rd pl 4 y.o. '92 ADGA National
         DDDS: ++*B GCH C/F Pan (son of GCH L&L Lactator's Popcorn 4*M - 1984 & 1985 ADGA National Champion, 1985 ADGA National Best Udder & 1984 Reserve National Best Udder

        DDDD: CH Hawleywood Batman's Kaliko


Dam: Hawkwind’s LQ Maisey 2 GCH legs & placed in Top 10 w/ 3rd Nubian udder ADGA National Show


The best & last of the Nubian boys we created, Magician is a very well-bred boy who’s looking for employment in a new herd, since he’s been used so heavily in our 4H friend’s herd!