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Lost Nation Matrix "Rojelio" & "Romano"

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Cream & white paint buckling

Chamoise with wattles buckling


Sire: Becca’s Tweed Matrix LA 1-03 87 VEV


Dam: SGCH Forrest-Pride Vanilla Rose 4*M LA 5-04 89 VEEV


I think my husband was standing on his head when he was taking some of these pics, LOL!  Need to try to find the time to get new pics.


Rose always throws terrific kids no matter what she’s been bred to & this year’s breeding with Matrix was no different!  We were very pleased with the results of the similar 2003 & 2004 breedings to Jrufio (see Renoir in the Herdsire section) - & are equally as pleased with the results of the very genetically breeding to Matrix. 


These boys remind us of Rose’s 2003 daughter, Rose Petal as a kid (info on Rose’s page) & are very correct, powerful & handsome boys with good breed character - & who should be particularly helpful in the areas of size & substance, legs, feet, back, rump - & nice, milky mammaries w/ great MSLs!