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SG Little Orchard NM Pure Bliss


Bliss - 2 year old first freshener

Bliss - Oct, 2005 at our county fair
(milked out & not behaving!)

Bliss - Summer, 2006
Unclipped & just a few hours of milk

Bliss - Fore Udder - 5-28-03

Bliss - Side Udder - 5-28-03

Bliss - Rear Udder - 5-28-03

Bliss - 2006 "just fresh"


L1115953 4/15/99 5-02 LA 88 +VVE


SIRE: +*B SOUTH FORK CH NIGHT MAGIC (recently #2 on the USDA Sire Summary)

            SS: +*B SG REDWOOD-HILLS BEAU CHARMER (recently #1 on the USDA Sire Summary) – Sire of the 2007 ADGA National Reserve Grand Champion, SGCH South Fork Charming Cate 5*M EX90

                        SSS: *B HAMMERICH'S ZEBAS CHARMER BEAU

                                    SSSS: +*B K-LOU V. STAR CHARMER

                                    SSSD: GCH HAMMERICH'S ALEX ZEBA 1*M – 1992 ADGA National Grand Champion

                        SSD: REDWOOD-HILLS SEUSS CHIQUITA AI 4*M

                                    SSDS: *B REDWOOD HILLS DR. SEUSS AI       

                                    SSDD: GCH REDWOOD HILLS CHICKLET 3*M

SD: GCH SOUTH-FORK TCM TESS 1*M LA 6yrs EX90 VEEE 1995 ADGA National 1st/1st udder yearling; 1999 ADGA National 2nd/2nd udder 5 y.o. & a member of 1st place best three females


                        SDSS: ++*B TIMBER*COVE KEY LARGO

                        SDSD: EPIC'S SWEET CREAMY MARARETA 3*M EX90


                        SDDS: CH ++B HIBB-HERD TRT BILLY IDOL

SDDD: GCH BBT DOUBLE V FLAME 1992 ADGA 5th pl 2 y.o.; 1994 8th pl 4 y.o.; 1994 2nd/2nd udder aged doe & a member of the 1st place Dairy Herd


DAM: GCH LITTLE ORCHARD PH PURE CHARM 8*M LA 92 EEEE – 2004 ADGA National 3rd place 5/6 y.o.; Highest 305 milk & High Lifetime Butterfat


                        DSS: +B TIMBER*COVE M SIR HERSHEY 89 VEE – sire of 2007 ADGA National Grand Champion & Best Udder & Lifetime Milk, GCH South Fork H Cayenne 3*M EX92, dam of *B South Fork SK Class Act, 2007 ADGA National Premier Sire

                                    DSSS: +B TIMBER*COVE KL MARTINI

                                    DSSD: CH THE STOLEN PINE'S DEW SAY

                        DSD: SOUTH-FORK DUTCH SAVANNAH 2*M    

                                    DSDS: +*B REDWOOD-HILLS DUTCH FANTASY

                                    DSDD: GCH SOUTH-FORK TCM TESS 1*M LA 90 VEEE

            DD: LITTLE-ORCHARD R PAULINE 7*M L0996145 LA 3 y.o. +VEE 87 dry

                        DDS: *B SINGING HILLS TRIPLE THRET RED

                                    DDSS: SINGING HILLS KAPPA MAGNUM

                                    DDSD: SINGING HILLS DOUBLE TANGERINE

                        DDD: LITTLE-ORCHARD Y GOLDEN JOY 6*M

                                    DDDS: LUCKY*STARS QA YUMA

                                    DDDD: GCH LITTLE ORCHARD CSS GILT EDGE 5*M FS 90 EEEV


Bliss is a flashy, elegant doe who excels in Dairy Character & Mammary, milks very well and has a pedigree full of quality for generations.  Typical of this dam line, Bliss has just improved with age & maturity.  She is maintaining nicely as an aged doe, standing on strong feet & legs & with her mammary not moving a bit!


Bliss’ sire, Night Magic ranked highly on the USDA Sire Summary several years in a row, has several daughters who earned their permanent championships & who also appraised very well with most scoring with E mammaries.  Two of Bliss’ paternal sisters, Elegant Lady & Blackberry both earned their Permanent Championships and both appraised in the 90s with E mammaries while residing in the Little Orchard herd.  Another paternal sister, Little Orchard NM Nutmeg 1*M has been a primary contributor to the Lit’l Dutch herd’s foundation.  Nutmeg appraised EX90 EEEE as a 5 year old & has produced some fabulous offspring, including a GCH Lit’l Dutch Tootsie EX90, 2004 ADGA National 6th 4 y.o. & ¾ sister to our CH Lit’l Dutch Éclair (Bliss’ oldest daughter).  Little Orchard NM Wineberry is another lovely paternal sister who appraised 87 VEVE as a 3 y.o. & resides in the Fairwoods herd. 


Bliss' dam GCH Little Orchard PH Pure Charm 8*M EX92 is an outstanding doe who was the 3rd place 5/6 year old at the 2004 ADGA National show, was also awarded 2005 ADGA National Highest 305 milk & High Lifetime Butterfat & appraised an impressive 92 EEEE.  Charm has also proven herself as an outstanding brood doe.  Bliss’ maternal sisters have continued the trend of this dam-line with a stunning 2002 maternal sister, GCH Little Orchard Pure Joy 9*M being the 2004 ADGA National 5th 2 year old, earning her Permanent Championship as a 3 year old & appraised EX92 as a 5 y.o..  Joy’s littermate, GCH Little Orchard Pure Jazz 9*M earned her Permanent Championship & also appraised EX92 as a 5 y.o.; GCH Little Orchard P Phoebe 9*M (full sister to Joy & Jazz) was the 2004 ADGA National 10th yearling milker, earned her Permanent Championship & appraised EX92 as a 4 y.o.  2004 maternal sister, Little Orchard BR Pia is developing nicely, appraising 89 VEVE as a 3 y.o.; 2006 maternal sister, Little Orchard J Pretty Alicia (3/4 sister to our Blush, Blessing & Bolero) appraised VV+E 87 as a yearling.  Wow!


The consistency continues with Bliss’ daughters, son, granddaughters & great-granddaughters all exhibiting the traits we admire so much & are hoping to perpetuate in our herd.


Bliss started the 2003 show season with a bang, winning 2nd place/1st uddered 4 year old at our big GLOM show here in MI, going up against very stiff (Nationals-level) competition.  She then went on to get 2nd place LaMancha udder with the only doe standing over her being CH One*Oak*Hill Tweed JRupent EX92 - who was 2003 ADGA 1st place 3 y.o. & National Best LaMancha Udder!  As you can imagine, we weren’t one bit disappointed about that placing.


Bliss had a successful 2004 Show Season earning 2 legs toward her Permanent Championship: 5x1st, 3x2nd; 3xGCH, 2xRGCH

District IV LaMancha Specialty: 1st Dam & Daughter; Member of 1st Best 3 Females; Member of 2nd Dairy Herd; & a Bliss granddaughter was Jr. Reserve Grand Champion!  A proud day for our herd.


2005, Bliss continued her success being nearly undefeated in her age class & was the Queen of Reserve Grand Champion, usually standing behind herdmates: daughter, Eclair (now a permanent champion) or Carmella.


2006, Bliss kidded with triplets x Matrix . . . very elegant & graceful kids, exhibiting the stylishness we admire so much in this line!


2007 sees Bliss looking fabulous as an 8.y.o., kidding w/ twins x Dash & receiving the Superior Genetics designation, recognizing that she’s in the top 15% of the Breed!


Bliss has been a truly invaluable contributor to our herd with the exceptional offspring she’s produced & our “Bliss Family” has become our favorite:


2001 Daughter: CH Lit’l Dutch Éclair

2004 Daughter: Lost Nation Jrufio Blush (& her littermate, Parfait who appraised overall “Ec” as a 3 m.o.)

2005 Daughter: Lost Nation Jrufio Blessing

2005 Son: Lost Nation Jrufio Bolero

2006 Daughters: Lost Nation Matrix Blossom & Bloom


Grand daughters:

2004 Paczki:

2004 Enya & Ea:

2006 Breindel:

2006 Damselfly:


Great-grand daughter:


Dam: GCH Little Orchard PH Pure Charm 8*M
LA 92 EEEE; 2004 ADGA Nat'l 3rd pl 5-6 y.o.

Mat sister: GCH Little Orchard PL Pure Joy EX91
2004 ADGA Nat'l 5th place 2 y.o.

Dam, Charm & paternal sister, Joy

Paternal sister: Little Orchard NM Wineberry 5/05
3 y.o. LA 87 VEVE

Pat sister: GCH Little Orchard NM Blackberry 7*M
4-04 VVEE 90

Pat sis: GCH Little Orchard NM Elegant Lady EX91

Pat Sis: Little Orchard NM Nutmeg 1*M EX90 EEEE
Foundation doe of Lit'l Dutch LaManchas

Paternal granddam
GCH South Fork TCM Tess 1*M EX90

Paternal Great Granddam
GCH BBT Double V Flame *M