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Lost Nation Naomi

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Lost Nation Naomi

GA(pending) broken cou clair


Sire: Unregistered

Dam: Unregistered


Naomi was supposed to be a mere temporary fixture, filling in for the milkers that were in such high demand & whose buyers “couldn’t wait” to get them.  The longer she was here, the more my suspicions grew abt what sort of potential there might be lurking beneath the surface.  Indeed, she kidded w/ an extremely snazzy single doeling & presented us with a practically perfect mammary – albeit just a glimpse as she was apparently harboring some cooties of the subclinical nature.  


I just couldn’t get over the style & grace this doe was showing & had to find another excuse to hang onto her.  Adding another breed to the herd was out of the question , so . . . I decided to see what she could contribute to the Togg-breeding program!
She's since produced two more stunning 1/2 Togg daughters, confirming my suspicions of her prowess as a brood doe & is an appreciated & valuable member of our herd.