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Welbian Farms RB Rapscallion
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            SS: SUN-KISSED RAZZDDW WHINCHEZTER EX92 EEE 2001 & 2004 ADGA National Premier Sire

                        SSS: ++*B DAIRY DELIGHT HAC WHINTIN 92 EEE

                                    SSSS: HOOSIER ACRES CRUSADER

                                    SSSD: GCH HOOSIER ACRES WHITNEY 4*M

                        SSD: GCH SUN-KISSED MADAME RAZZ EX93 EEEE; 1992 & 1993 ADGA National Champion

                                    SSDS: DINKY HOLLOW CRAFTSMAN

                                    SSDD: SUN-KISSED ADORA

            SD: WELBIAN-FARM'S WHIN'S MADISON EX93; 2004 ADGA National Champion & National Best Udder; 2007 ADGA Reserve National Champion

                        SDS: SUN-KISSED RAZZDDW WHINCHEZTER EX92 EEE; 2001 & 2004 ADGA National Premier Sire

                                    SDSS: ++*B DAIRY DELIGHT HAC WHINTIN 92 EEE

                                    SDSD: GCH SUN-KISSED MADAME RAZZ EX93 EEEE; 1992 & 1993 ADGA National Champion

                        SDD: GCH SUN-KISSED LRJAZZ TANISIOUX 5*M EX90 EEEE

                                    SDDS: *B GCH LITTLE RAINBOW WFHP JAZZMAN 3-06 EX 90 EEE

                                    SDDD: SUN-KISSED TANAMI'S TANITWO


D: LITTLE*CREEK LCBH RAYCHEL LA 3 y.o. EX90 EVEE - 2003 ADGA National 1ST Yrlg milker


                        DSS: +*B WALKER-FARM CHWT HONOUR SYSTEM LA: 1-05 85 V+E (sired: GCH Little Creek WFHS Sage *M LA: 6-03 EX92 EEEE; 1998 ADGA National Reserve GCH; 2000 & 2001 ADGA National Champion)

                                    DSSS: ++*B COTTAGE-HILL WHITAKERS TITAN LA 3-08 90 EVE

                                    DSSD: GCH WALKER FARM DVJ HONESTY 3*M LA 90 VEEE

                        DSD: GCH LITTLE*CREEK BABIESHANE BIANCA 7*M EX90

                                    DSDS: ROCKY MT. SHANE

                                    DSDD: SUN-KISSED RA*BABIE (Regal Gr. Dau)

            DD: GCH LITTLE*CREEK LCSB ROBIN EX 92 EEEE – 2001 ADGA National 6th Yrlg milker; 2003 ADGA National 9th 3 y.o.

                        DDS: LITTLE*CREEK LCCB SUGARBEAR – 2001 ADGA National 1st Sr. Get of Sire

                                    DDSS: *B LITTLE*CREEK DDCC BUBBA

                                    DDSD: CH LITTLE*CREEK TBCS SIMPLY TOGG. LA 89 VEEE

                        DDD: LITTLE*CREEK WINS RHINESTONE

                                    DDDS: SUN-KISSED RAZZDDW WHINCHEZTER EX92 EEE 2001 & 2004 ADGA National Premier Sire

                                    DDDD: LITTLE*CREEK ROCKET

Rap is a very correct & good-natured fellow who's maturing into an exceptionally handsome & impressive buck.  He's also siring some exceptional kids for us, with all of his daughters developing into lovely, lovely young ladies - very correct, sharp, dairy & feminine does with wonderful General Appearance - & wonderful dispositions, too.  He's also improving front end assembly, feet, mammaries & milk.
All of the daughters that we've freshened thus far have presented us with superb mammaries that are improved over their dams' in rear height/arch, fore attachment/extension, overall globularity & production.  Yep, production, even though they're all only first fresheners, LOL!  
We are extremely happy with what Rap's contributing to our breeding program & are excited about his progeny's futures!

Littermate: GCH Welbian Farm's RB Rhinestone
2005 ADGA Spotlight Consignment

Dam: Little*Creek LCBH Raychel EX90
2003 ADGA National 1st Yearling Milker

DD: Little*Creek LCSB Robin EX92 EEEE

SD: CH Welbian Farm's Whins Madison EX93
04 ADGA Nat'l GCH/BU; 07 Res. Nat'l GCH

GCH Sun-Kissed Razzddw Whinchezter EX92 EEE
2x ADGA National Premier Sire

SDD: GCH Sun-Kissed LRJAXZZ Tanisoux 5*M EX90

GCH Sun-Kissed Madame Razz EX93
1992 & 1993 ADGA National Champion