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Lost Nation Farm

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For Sale



As w/ everyone else struggling to keep their heads above water in the current pathetic state of the economy, we're finding ourselves in need of doing some drastic simplification of our lives.  We’ll therefore be putting the commercial dairy aspirations we've been working toward on the back burner & reducing the herd considerably.  


Since we use every drop of milk we can squeak out, the primary focus will be on placing 2006 & 2007 kids & then seeing what we may have to offer for milkers.


We’ve been using some of the finest lines the country has to offer & are very pleased with the progress we’ve made in our breeding program.  It’s so gratifying to see the quality just getting better & better with each generation!  J 


Please click here for the kids we’ll be offering:


Due to time constraints, keeping the site updated is a bit of a challenge, so in the meantime, please feel free to email me privately to inquire upon what we currently have to offer!


Thanks for taking a look!






Semen Tank – Union Carbide Type LD-31.  Stored in the house but has sat dry & should probably have neck parts scrutinized by someone "in the know" to see if anything needs replacing to ensure holding efficiency.  $250/OBO


Leather Furniture Set – sofa, chair & ottoman; never used & still has the tags & wrapping on it!  In our excitement over how fabulous this would look in our "new" house, we neglected to keep in mind our feline family members at time of purchase.  Not being willing to take any chances on our investment even being glimpsed by a cat (nor being believers in declawing), we put it in a spare room upstairs, thinking "One of these days . . . "  Well, that day hasn't come yet & cats seem to magically appear on this farm, so . . . perhaps someone else can enjoy this terrific furniture for us.  It is taupe with brass “rivets” & mahogany-colored, wood “feet”.  Overstuffed & extremely comfy, very nice quality, custom-ordered leather furniture.  $2500/OBO (purchased for $3000)


Shearmasters  - single speed 3" head, carrying case only used once & like new condition! 


Royal Palm tom turkeys - since I haven't had any luck finding these poor guys mates . . . $40/ea $65/both 


Australian Shepherd/Border Collie - 3 y.o. neutered male – Zeus’ sire was a registered, working Border Collie (cattle) & his dam was their neighbors’ working Aussie.  He looks like an Aussie w/ a naturally-bobbed tail, but his color & markings are similar to a Keeshond - very pretty & striking boy!  He was a rescue who was supposed to be our nephew’s "project". Unfortunately, the nephew’s interest has turned to goats, so poor Zeus has taken the back seat, attentionwise. He is a total sweetheart & smart as a whip, has been started on house-breaking & "house manners", but hasn’t been worked with outside as far as leash-training, boundaries, "livestock manners", etc.  He is familiar w/ all kinds of other animals & has enough drive to be a good worker, but not so much drive to detract from him being a good candidate as an inside/outside family member . . . for an active, attentive family who is herding-breed savvy.  Very nominal “adoption fee”.

Feist/Heeler - "Stray" is a young female "Amish Farm Dog" who is a pretty red brindle with white markings.  Basic obedience, housebroken & boundary-trained; gets along w/ all other animals, etc.  This gal is the quickest & most agile dog we've had!  She's also a natural worker & would make someone an excellent "farm hand".  She's very affectionate & will need an active home with lots to do & lots of attention - ideally, a home with at least one other canine companion for her to pal around with.  Very nominal “adoption fee”.