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LaMancha Herd Sires

Lost Nation Dashing Caliente

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Lost Nation Dashing Caliente

Red & white paint with tan trim


Sire: *B Rockspring Dude Dixana Dashing LA 3-01 88 VEE


Dam: Twin Cypress OOHTC Carolina LA 2-06 88 EEEV (first freshener)


Wow, we just couldn’t have asked for nicer results from this breeding!  With both sire & dam scoring E’s & V’s in every category all the way across (except for mom’s + S.A), though, I guess we should have expected nothing less, LOL.


Caliente has developed into an exceptionally handsome young man who excels in  . . . well in every area, LOL!  We especially admire his General Appearance, with his overall correctness, outstanding Breed Character & . . . definitely helped right along by his flashy markings.  He exhibits a very nice balance of dairyness & masculinity, being open & angular, long-necked & fine-skinned, while wide & powerful throughout.  He’s lonnnng & level with nice, sharp withers; tight shoulder assembly; a straight, strong back, a terrific rump & smoothly blended overall.  He tracks correctly on wonderful feet & legs, walking with tremendous width between the hocks.  His escutcheon is extremely nice, too with a very high, very wide arch & harboring a very nicely shaped, very snugly-attached scrotum with proper teats (did I say “very” yet?) – all of which is hopefully indicative of the types of mammaries he’ll be putting on his daughters!


Last but certainly not “least”, he also has the delightful personality/temperament we’ve enjoyed & appreciated so much in all of the Dash offspring.


In case it’s not blatantly obvious, we’re just a little bit tickled w/ Caliente & are excited about his future!
2008 Update: Caliente's kids are even nicer than we'd hoped for!  We'd hand-bred him to just a small handful of does for 2008 & then, ran him in one of the doe pens for "Clean Up".  After we were presented with our first Caliente babies, we actually found ourselves hoping some of his winter penmates hadn't settled to their hand-breedings, LOL!  Inconvenient as those late-born kids are, our wish has been granted - even better, the does who'd not settled to their "intended suitors" & instead, were bred by Caliente, are does we'd agonized over, breeding-wise, w/ Caliente being the 2nd choice!  Hmmmm.  Perhaps they knew something we didn't. . . ?  *wink*

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