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LaMancha Herd Sires

Lost Nation BTM Thorn

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Thorn as a kid

Lost Nation BTM Thorn – broken dark red chamoise with black martingale & trim


Sire: Becca’s Tweed Matrix LA 1-03 87 VEV

Dam: Rockin’ CB LSP Teazel


Thorn is an awfully handsome boy who has been a favorite since birth.  His dam, Teazel is an overall extremely correct & gorgeous doe with a very productive & practically perfect mammary!  


Thorn’s paternal sisters are developing into tall, stretchy, exceptionally stylish young ladies who are freshening with very nice, verrrry milky mammaries.  We’ve also been quite impressed with their ability to maintain conditioning without much folderol while producing so well for such young gals.


We feel that this Matrix/Teazel cross should just be all-around terrific & are excited about Thorn babies!


You can see some of Thorn’s paternal sisters in the 2005 Does Section & in the 2006 Does Section.

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