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LaMancha Herd Sires

Lost Nation SFTTS Geode

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Dam: Lost Nation Matrix Gemstone
(as a 1st freshening yearling & milked out)

DD: Little Shepherd Lapis Lazuli

SD: SGCH South-Fork Charming Teegan 2*M EX91

Suede litter sister
SG South-Fork TTN Silhouette LA yrlg: 86 +V+E

SDD: GCH South Fork TCM Tess 1*M EX90

SSD - GCH Timber Cove DD Honey Comb 1*M EX90

SSSD - GCH Tempo Katya 6*M EX91

Lost Nation SFTTS Geode 3/3/07 L1445094 



Sire: *B South-Fork TTN Suede

SS: *B South-Fork SC Titan

SSS: +*B Tempo Scotty A.I. (daughters:; )

                        SSSS: ++*B Winterwood’s The Medicine Man (sire of 2 National Premier Sires & 1 National Champion/Reserve Best Udder)

                        SSSD: GCH Tempo Katya 6*M LA 91 EEEE

SSD: GCH Timber Cove DD Honey Comb 1*M EX90 - 2002 ADGA National 1st/2nd udder yrlg; 2003 ADGA National 1st/1st udder 2 y.o.; 2005 ADGA National 7th 4 y.o.; Honey daughters:

                                    SSDS: *B Altrece Jericho Dapper Dandy

                                    SSDD: Timber*Cove Say Honey Dew

SD: GCH South-Fork Charming Teegan 2*M 3- 91 VEEE; 7-04 90 EEVE; 1999 ADGA National 1st/1st udder 2 y.o. & member of Best 3 Females.  1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 All American

                        SDS: ++*B SG Redwood Hill’s Beau Charmer Sire of 2007 ADGA Reserve National Grand Champion & High 305 Milk & Butterfat, SGCH South-Fork Charming Cate 5*M EX90
                                    SDSS: Hammerich’s Zeba’s Charmer Beau

                                    SDSD: Redwood Hill’s Seuss Chiquita 4*M

SDD: GCH South-Fork TCM Tess 1*M EX90

                        SDDS: Timber*Cove KL Midas

                        SDDD: South Fork BI Jessica


Dam: Lost Nation Matrix Gemstone

            DS: Becca’s Tweed Matrix  LA 1-03 87 VEV

                        DSS: GCH +B One*Oak*Hill Mac Tumble Weed LA 7-03 EX91 EEE - 2003 ADGA NATIONAL PREMIER SIRE; sire of 2 National Best LaMancha Udders; & full brother to GCH ++B One*Oak*Hill Medicine Tumult EX92 (4x ADGA National Premier Sire) & to CH One*Oak*Hill Medicine Tuzla EX91 (2000 ADGA National Champion & Reserve National Best Udder)

                                    DSSS: ++*B Winterwood’s The Medicine Man (sire of 2 National Premier Sires & 1 National Champion/Reserve Best Udder)

                                    DSSD: GCH One*Oak*Hill Harlequin Tullia *M EX90

                        DSD: CH Beccas Mambo #5 LA 3-03 EX91 EEEE

                                    DSDS: GCH +*B Beccas Hemingway 4-01 90 EEE; 2x ALC All-American GCH; Sire of 2001 ADGA National 1st pl yrlg & 2005 ADGA National Champion & National Best Udder! GCH Kastdemur’s Slice 3*M 4-02 EX93 (Tumult son)

                                    DSDD: Beccas Jive (Tumult daughter)

DD: Little Shepherd Lapis Lazuli  6-02 88 VEE+ (mastitis) (2 GCH legs)

DDS: CH *B Lucky*Star's F Joseph's Coat EX90

DDSS: GCH +*B Winterwood's Z Firestorm LA 88 VEV

DDSD: GCH Lucky*Star's L Delphinium 7*M LA 91 EEEE

DDD:  Lucky*Star's Dy Jade

DDDS: *B 7*Cedars Darson's Yokoson

DDDD: GCH Lucky*Star's L Ebony *M EX90


Geode’s dam, Gemstone & her twin, Garnet are two truly stunning specimens.  They stand out from the crowd for their indisputable elegance, both being long, tall, extremely correct from nose to tail & both have very impressive & productive mammaries that are high & wide in the rear, smooth & well-extended in the fore & with excellent areas of attachment all the way around.  We’re proud of both girls & have high hopes for their futures! 


We are just smitten with Geode, who’s been a favorite since birth for his extra-affectionate disposition & sweet, animated face that’s irresistibly kissable!  (for now, that is, LOL)  He is a nice blending of both sire & dam’s best attributes, also being an extremely correct individual from nose to tail with his overall length & levelness; openness & angularity & showing admirable body capacity for his age/maturity.  He moves smoothly & freely, tracking correctly on strong feet & legs with lots of natural width between the hocks, showing a high, wide escutcheon arch w/ a very nicely shaped/sized/attached scrotum & proper teats.  He reminds us of his sire, Suede in type with his handsome, “sculpted” head, large, expressive eyes & his “just right” balance of strength & dairyness, excelling in the areas of General Appearance & Breed Character.


Geode's sire’s litter sister, Silhouette was 2007 ADGA National 5th 2 y.o. &, at last report (6/2008), milked 11.5# on her first milk test at 1 month fresh & just needs one more leg to earn her championship! 
We’ve been admiring how beautifully Silhouette is maturing & that, combined with what wonderful does his dam, Gem & her twin Garnet are developing into, along with how pleased we’ve been with the rest of our Matrix daughters . . . we just can’t help but to have high expectations for this extremely promising little guy, considering the consistently fabulous quality behind & all around him for generations!  *wink*
2008 Update: Geode's putting some gorgeous kids on the ground!  They're very correct overall & most look like little South Fork goats, LOL.  Sharp & dairy w/ long, level toplines, nice width & angulation throughout, very pretty heads in front - & very fancy escutcheons in back.  Pretty, pretty kids!  J

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