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More Togg Does (under construction . . .)

Lost Nation WFRBR Artemis

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Artemis, June, 2008
milked out, misbehaving & um . . . a little plump :/

Artemis, fuzzy & "just fresh"

Lost Nation WFRBR Artemis

75% AT – Togg-marked; elf ears


Sire: Welbian Farms RB Rapscallion


Dam: Lost Nation Jrufio Moonshine


Artemis is another outstanding Rap daughter who's developing splendidly.  She's such a pretty, feminine doe who's long & level, sharp & dairy, smoothly-blended throughout & she, too freshened with an extremely correct, very productive mammary!  She's currently topping the favorites list of the 2006 group, but don't tell the others I said that.  ;)