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Lost Nation WFRBR Sonnet

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Sonnet - July, 2008


Lost Nation WFRBR Sonnet

American Toggenburg; medium brown w/ correct white markings


Sire: Welbian Farms RB Rapscallion



Sonnet is a well-balanced & pretty doe who’s developing into a fine, fine young lady.  She's a sharp & dairy doe with good bone to her, lots of body capacity,  very open & angular - & freshened with the superb & very productive mammary Rap's put on all of his daughters, so far!  We are very pleased w/ Sonatina's very correct & very pretty mammary, but Sonnet's is even prettier, being improved over her dam’s in rear height & arch, overall globularity & the silllllky-soft texture we’re enjoying in the Rap daughters, too.  & did I mention "productive"?!  She & her paternal sisters, shot right to the top of the list, even with all being first fresheners.  


& I can't forget to mention demeanor - Sonnet also has the wonderful temperament we appreciate in both her dam, sire & in her paternal siblings - sweeeet as can be!


We're just a little bit tickled with these girls, if you can't tell!  J